Hair Care Routine for Men (No Gatekeeping!)

Most guys have zero clue on how to take care of their hair if you think about it. We all have a hair care routine. We all hopefully shower and use hair products like shampoos and conditioners, but 99% of people use some random drugstore stuff that strips their hair of life and makes it look dull and unhealthy.

There’s a reason why the “No Shampoo” trend has become so popular. People realized the products that they were using were actually making their hair look worse.

I’m here to tell you there’s actually a way that you can take care of your hair so it looks way better than it currently does. I’m going to break down Hair Care step by step. I’ll teach you how to find your correct hair type, how to take care of your hair, and finally how to find the right products that will bring out your hair’s true potential. Let’s get to it!

First off, I want you to forget everything you think you know about hair care and hair products. Now, listen very closely. Mostly, there are only three hair types that matter when it comes to Hair Care. Everyone on Earth, regardless of ethnicity, falls into one of these categories and your hair type never changes; you’re stuck with it for life so you better learn how to take care of it.

Now, if I asked you what your hair type is, some of you might say curly, some of you might say dry, and some might say straight. None of these are what we’re looking for. Every person falls under either fine hair, medium hair, or coarse hair, as shown in the chart below.

Hair Care Routine for Men (No Gatekeeping!)

Let’s dig into each category and see which one you belong to.

Fine Hair

You know you have fine hair when it becomes greasy super fast and it lacks any sort of volume, it kind of just falls flat on your head. The easiest way to tell if you have fine hair is by not washing it for a day or two. Does it become greasy and clump together making it look thinner? Then you have fine hair.
The way you want to take care of fine hair is by shampooing often enough to avoid it looking greasy and using specific products that add volume and body to your hair. Avoid any and all products with oil in it or any products that are heavy and weigh your hair down.
If you have this type of hair, you might have tried doing the ‘No Shampoo’ trend and it ended in disaster. This is not recommended for you. Your hair probably got greasy, smelly, and full of dandruff. Sorry, but no shampoo is not for you. With this hair type, you definitely need to shampoo more often than not, every 1 to 3 days depending on how fine your hair is and how prone it is to getting oily. Remember, with this hair type, just using one bad product that is not meant for your hair will make it look terrible, so it’s important you use the right type of product, especially if you have fine hair.

Medium Hair

Medium hair, just like it sounds, is somewhere in the middle between fine and coarse hair. Your hair doesn’t get greasy super fast, but it still gets greasy if you don’t wash it for more than 3 days. It also might have a bit of volume to it but not a crazy unmanageable amount. The advantage to this type of hair is that it tends to hold volume much better than fine hair. You can easily add texture or body to it if you choose to.
With medium hair, you still want to avoid heavy products, you want to use lighter products that really bring out the best in your hair. You can also go longer without shampooing with the right products. Medium hair can look absolutely amazing even without washing it for four or more days. Remember, the key with our hair care routines, especially for fine and medium hair, is to not overload it with any kind of heavy or oily products.

Coarse Hair

Now, the final category of hair is coarse hair. If you have this hair type, you’re really lucky because you can go days and days without having to wash it. Fine and medium hair are really similar in that they get greasy quickly and need lighter products. Coarse hair works completely differently.
If you want to know if you have coarse hair, it’s very easy to tell. Your hair is super thick and always feels full. You get volume super easily and might look like a puffball after showers because your hair is so thick and full of volume. You want to actually de-volumize it for a flatter look where your hair falls closer to your head.
Another way to tell if you have coarse hair is that your scalp takes a really long time to get oily. When people have amazing success doing no shampoo, 99% of the time it’s a guy with really coarse hair. You can go a whole week without washing it and it still looks clean and full.
With coarse hair, we want to actually use products that weigh it down. This means heavier products that work amazingly with this hair type. Your hair needs a ton of moisture, so using the right products is paramount for this hair type.
Remember, Hair Care is simple but complex at the same time. You will 100% fall into one of these hair types and the strategy for caring for your hair type is hopefully clear now.